How are buyers protected?

Buyer Protection

We would all like to think that everyone is trustworthy when you’re talking about love and weddings, but that’s not always the case.  The internet can be a place where people aren’t always looking out for your best interests.  We want to help protect you from online scammers as you use PreOwnedWeddingDresses to buy your dream wedding gown online.  

There are lots of honest sellers out there, so don’t let this information scare you.  We believe that knowledge is power and we love informed buyers!

PreOwned Support Team

Our knowledgeable support team is here for you and ready to help if you have any questions or concerns about a seller or item - just send us a message

Integrated Messaging

Our built-in messaging system, accessible with a free PreOwned account, means you never have to give your personal email or phone number to a seller. 

Integrated Invoicing with PayPal's Purchase Protection

PayPal is already integrated into our built-in messaging system, making payment easy. When you pay with Paypal you'll be protected if you received a dress that was not as described, damaged or different size/designer than listed etc, or it doesn't arrive at all. PayPal can protect you for the full purchase price plus shipping costs, up to $20,000 USD per item. You can read more about the process here: PayPal Buyer Protection.

Guide: Buying Safely

We are a listing service, so you'll deal directly with the seller for the transaction through our secure built-in inbox (making everything faster and less expensive). There are a couple of ways you can protect yourself during a transaction:

  • Never Give Personal Contact Information - Communicate On PreOwned ONLY
    When contacting a seller, avoid including contact details such as email addresses or phone numbers. All communication should stay within our message portal for your protection.
  • Use a Protected Payment Method 
    We recommend Paypal and have integrated it directly into our messaging inbox! The seller can invoice directly inside your conversation and you'll be fully protected if your item doesn't ship, arrives damaged, or arrives and isn't exactly as described. Learn more here about safe payment methods.
  • Get ALL of The Details 
    • Ask Questions. Confirm the authenticity and condition of your item. Ask the seller lots of questions about its current condition, the size & alterations done, the color, and ask if they offer a return policy and HOW the return policy works.
    • Ask for Pictures. SO IMPORTANT! You need to see the dress in its current condition as of today. An honest seller won’t mind – a scammer will make up a reason they can’t send you pictures of the item as it looks right now in their hands.
  • Take Pictures of The Box & Your Item The Moment It Arrives
    • When you receive the dress take pictures of you unpacking the box and of the dress's front/back/fine details while you inspect it.
  • Thoroughly Inspect Your Item & Try It On
    • Try it on! Check out all of the details inside and out to make sure it is as expected.
    • If you receive a dress or item that was not as described (damaged or different size/designer than listed etc) we recommend attempting to resolve it with the seller first. If they are not willing to resolve it directly with you, you’ll want to navigate to the resolution center on PayPal to begin the process of getting a refund.
  • Buy Within Your Size Range
    It is important that you buy a dress within your size range. It is much easier to take a dress in a size or two than to try and let it out. Especially if the dress has already been altered; most manufacturers only leave 1/2-1" of materials to allow for letting a dress out. 

    If a dress does not fit when you receive it you will not be able to return it for a refund via PayPal unless the seller misrepresented the tag size or alterations done.

    Look Up The Designer's Sizing Chart

    Every designer will fit differently - try to find the size chart for the dress you are buying to confirm if an unaltered version of the size you are looking to buy would fit, then consider the alterations the seller has done and determine if the dress will work for your body.

Read our Tips for Buyers on How to Avoid Online Scams When Buying Wedding Dresses

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