What pictures should I take for the buyer to protect myself?

If you have been chatting with an interested buyer, we strongly recommend sending her detailed pictures of your item, because:

  1. You may not have noticed a blemish or minor damage (even with preserved gowns)
  2. If the receiver finds blemishes or damage on any details or areas not captured in your pictures or videos, you will be responsible and may have to accept a return or offer a reduced price.

Please be thorough!

It is very important that you capture every part of your dress - this protects you in the rare event that the buyer claims blemishes or damages were already there when she received the dress.


Setup: lay your dress down on a freshly made bed, spread the skirt and hem out so they are smooth. You can hang your item to capture anything from the waist up.

Quality & Quantity: use a good phone or camera and use bright natural lighting.

We recommend at least 10 pictures & 2 videos minimum.


Videos or pictures where the lighting is too dark or yellow will not be sufficient to protect you. Natural daylighting works best. 

Do not hang the dress on a window with the sun behind it.


Take complete pictures and videos of:

  • Neckline + inside the bust
  • Straps + sleeves
  • Under the arms
  • Zippers /lace-up back / buttons
  • Embellishments (beading, lace, embroidery)
  • Sash / belt / flowers / bows
  • Bustle
  • Bottom Hem (inside and outside)
  • Skirt layers! Lift and spread out the layers of material to show their condition.


  • Move very slowly over the dress & its details (top to bottom, front & back).
  • Allow the camera to focus as you move.
  • Lift & spread out layers/hem/bows etc as needed to show us those areas.
  • Videos should be more than 2 minutes unless the dress does not have lace or other embellishments.
  • Record everything up close, slowly, then pan out to give us the full view of the dress.

Make sure your media isn't:

  • Blurry
  • Low quality - preventing fabric texture from showing
  • Video moves too quickly, not focused
  • Too far away
  • Yellow or dark lighting
  • Not all areas shown
  • Tulle/lace/layers not spread out
  • Losing context - you need to be able to tell where on the dress you are recording/taking pictures of.

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