Can I change the dress in my listing?

No, each listing may only feature 1 dress or item.

The dress advertised may not be switched for another one, even if the original is no longer available or hasn't sold. 

There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Your listing may appear in a buyer's watchlist, viewing history, email notification, or message history. Changing the dress in your listing means the wrong dress is displayed in these areas. 
  • We spend a portion of each listing fee advertising PreOwned Wedding Dresses, the dresses and accessories listed, and re-targeting buyers who have seen your dress to come back and take another look. 
  • Advertising multiple dresses for a single listing fee increases this cost, which isn't fair.

If you are a designer, bridal salon, or boutique, please email us for more details on our Multiple Listing Program.

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