POWD Purchase Protection

If your item is unavailable, never ships, or arrives and is not as described, you'll be eligible to receive a full refund or a partial refund. This applies to all orders where the buyer and seller are located in the same country (international purchases are Final Sales) - you can confirm where your seller is located on their listing.

We don't release payment to the seller until you tell us you've received your item as described (or 72 hours pass from when the package is delivered). This means you have 3 days from when you receive your item to inspect it and let our support team know if your item has been misrepresented.

You may be eligible for a return with a full refund, or partial refund if you want to keep it, of the purchase value for the following reasons:

  • Item is not as described or not authentic
  • Wrong item
  • Item never arrives
  • Item arrives with undisclosed damage
    • If the undisclosed damage is repairable, our support team will guide you through your options and work with the seller to come to a resolution that works for both parties - this may include a partial refund if you are happy to keep your item.
  • Missing items
    • If your item arrives but is missing something, we will work with your seller to ship the missing item to you.

Read more about returns here.

What is Not Covered

  • International Shipments - if you purchased an item that is located in a different country your order will be considered a final sale. It is the responsibility of the buyer to perform their due diligence. This means asking for pictures and videos to verify the condition and authenticity of the item before purchasing it and asking questions about any alterations done to confirm sizing.
  • Buyers Remorse - if the item does not fit or is not really your style/what you were hoping for.
  • Acceptable Wear & Tear - even a brand new item may show gentle signs of being handled. When a dress is tried on or packaged/unpackaged to ship, it is reasonable to expect some signs of acceptable wear and tear during these actions.Within reason, POWD considers acceptable signs of wear to be small - both in size and amount - and easily remedied. This means that they can be easily cleaned or brushed off, taken off with a lint roller, trimmed with scissors, or sewn back on (etc).Examples:
    • loose threads
    • internal marks on the lining or underlayers that are not visible while worn
    • loosened bodice lining
    • marks from touching other objects or the floor
    • pet fur
    • marks inside the neckline or straps from makeup or self-tanner (not visible from the outside)
    • dust
    • missing or loosened buttons, beads, or gems

      Concerns of this nature will be assessed on an individual basis by our team.

  • Returns submitted after the 72-hour window is closed or items sent back without first requesting a return (these returns will not be accepted).
  • Transactions Offsite - only items purchased directly through the POWD marketplace are eligible for a refund.
  • Listing Fee - once a listing goes live on the POWD marketplace the fee is non-refundable.

Reduce The Risk Before You Buy

  • Final Sale or Return Policy?Every seller sets her individual return policy. Before buying an item, please check the listing to see if they note a return policy or final sale.
  • Buy Within Your Size RangeIt is important that you buy a dress within your size range. It is much easier to take a dress in a size or two than to try and let it out.  Especially if the dress has already been altered; most manufacturers only leave 1/2-1" of materials to allow for letting a dress out. 
  • Ask Lots of QuestionsConfirm the authenticity and condition of your item. Ask the seller lots of questions about its current condition, the size & alterations done, the color etc.
  • Ask for Pictures & VideosINCREDIBLY IMPORTANT! You need to see the dress in its current condition as of today. An honest seller won’t mind – a scammer will make up a reason they can’t send you pictures of the item as it looks right now in their hands.

Read more about returns here.

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