Protecting Yourself with Pictures & Videos

Buyers | Receiving An Item

Do not open the package or try your dress or item on until you have done the following - if you choose to not do this and you discover blemishes/issues we will not be able to confirm they occurred prior to shipping to you. This means you will be responsible and there will not be a refund or discount given.

Unpacking Video

Using your phone, or with a friend's help, record yourself on 1 continuous video as you unbox the dress AND inspect it. Set up your phone so it can record you.

  1. Capture yourself carefully cutting the tape and opening the box - this must be captured, without it, we cannot verify any issues occurred prior to receiving it.
  2. Capture yourself carefully pulling the dress/any accessories out of the box
  3. Capture yourself carefully hanging the dress & then inspect it by slowly scanning from top to bottom, front to back. 

How to Inspect
  • Make sure the room you do this in has bright lighting, try to avoid warm lights
  • Scan left to right very slowly
  • Work your way from the straps/sleeves/neckline down to the hem, and then flip the dress and do the same for the back
  • Capture the entire bodice including the zipper/sleeves/straps.
  • Capture the entire skirt/train -  from the waist down. Hold the layers out to the side with your other hand so that you can scan over that entire area.
  • Capture the entire bottom hem, slowly scan left to right.

Sellers | Before You Ship

These pictures and videos you take are for your protection - in the event there is a complaint with your shipped item, they will be used to verify the condition of your gown/accessories before you shipped them. 

It is very important that you capture every part of your dress or item - this protects you in the rare event that your buyer claims blemishes or damages were already there when she received the dress or item. If the buyer finds blemishes or damage on any details or areas not captured in your pictures or videos, they will not be held responsible and will be allowed to return the item.

Please be thorough!

Setting Up

Video & Picture EXAMPLES

  • Lay your dress down on a freshly made bed (or even your dining room table).
  • Spread the entire skirt and hem out flat and smooth - no folds or bunched material.
  • Take pictures/videos in the room with the brightest natural white light you can find
  • *Do not hang the dress on a window with the sun behind it

Pictures & Videos Quantity

To truly cover everything, we recommend:

  • 10-15 pictures
  • 3-5 videos, at least 2 minutes each. If your videos are shorter than 1 minute, they won't be sufficient.

Cover the Front & Back, Top to Bottom

Take complete pictures and videos of:

  • Neckline + inside the bust
  • Straps + sleeves
  • Under the arms
  • Zipper / lace-up back / buttons
  • Sash / belt / flowers / bows
  • Hem, bottom of the dress (inside and outside)
  • Skirt from the waist down to the hem, and everything in between.
  • Bustle (if applicable)

VIDEOS | Get Close, Move Slowly

These videos are for your records, it is totally fine for them to be as high as 5+ minutes

  1. Stay 12-18 inches above the dress
  2. Move very slowly as you scan your camera left to right, starting at the very top and working all the way down to the bottom of the dress hem.
  3. Allow the camera to focus as you move.
  4. Lift & spread out layers/hem/bows etc as needed to show us those areas.
  5. Record everything up close, slowly, then pan out to give us the full view of the dress

Packing Video | Important!

It should be 1 entire take. If you choose to not do this and your bride discovers blemishes/issues we will not be able to confirm they occurred after she received the shipment.

  • Capture the dress slowly from top to bottom, front and back, to capture the overall condition prior to packaging it. This will be at least 3-5 minutes long, then;
  • Continue on to capture you packing it up in the protective packaging and taping the box shut.

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