What if my item doesn't fit?

If your item states returns are not accepted, it is very important to note that you will not be able to return the item if it doesn't fit. Be sure to ask the seller to confirm the item's tag size, personal measurements, and the alterations done. If you are unsure about the fit, ask the seller to measure the dress - this isn't precise, but it can give you a better idea if you can make the item work for you.

  • Buy Within Your Size Range
    It is important that you buy a dress within your size range. It is  much easier to take a dress in a size or two than to try and let it out. Especially if the dress has already been altered; most manufacturers only leave 1/2-1" of materials to allow for letting a dress out.
  • Look Up The Designer's Sizing Chart
    Every designer will fit differently - try to find the size chart for the dress you are buying to confirm if an unaltered version of the size you are looking to buy would fit, then consider the alterations the seller has done and determine if the dress will work for your body.

If your item does not fit, you are welcome to relist it without a listing fee - please contact our team about this.

If the item you purchased states on the listing that returns are accepted, you may return your item for any reason! Simply request a return within 72 hours of receiving your purchase by clicking on the button in our email:

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