Search Filter Tips and Tricks

On the hunt for a specific dress, and having issues finding it? We’ve got you covered🙌.

A common theme throughout our tips below is that individual sellers often have inaccuracies in their listings. Their dress designer might be Willowby by Watters, but they selected BHLDN or Watters as the designer. It could be an a-line silhouette, but they selected ball gown. If you are rigid in your search, you may miss out on your dream dress.

Here are our search tips to help you find your dream dress with POWD’s search filter:


Don’t be afraid to expand your price search - lots of sellers are willing to negotiate!

Keywords + Search Bar

Our search will pick up on words in the seller's description - if you are looking for a certain feature like dresses that have an extra sparkle to them, type in words such as sparkle, sparkly, glitter, sequins, crystals etc into our search bar.

Then, simply click View All Products at the bottom of the search results and narrow your search further with our filters.


Use this filter on its own at first - we only added it in October 2022 and it is not required to be completed when a seller creates their listing, so many sellers skip it. But you may just find your dream dress a few clicks away:


Most dresses can be taken in up to 2-3 sizes depending on the style and material - expand your search by including sizes above your measurements.

It is important that you buy a dress within your size range. It is much easier to take a dress in than to try and let it out. Especially if the dress has already been altered; most manufacturers only leave 1/2-1" of materials to allow for letting a dress out.

Designer Name

If you're looking for a specific designer or collection, be sure to confirm the details. Is it actually by David’s Bridal, or is it their Galina Signature collection? Be sure to select all possible options from the designer list when you’re narrowing the search via POWD’s filter.

Even though these gowns are sold by David’s Bridal, they are not all the same designer/collection.

Style Name and/or Number

This is a tricky one for many of our sellers - not all gowns have this information on the tag, and many don’t hold on to their purchase receipts. If you type in the style name or number in our search bar and it doesn’t come up, don’t be discouraged! Some sellers accidentally split names or cut out important parts.

  1. Try adding or removing spaces - SWG951 or SWG 951 or even just 951.
  2. Try just the name or just the number - some dresses have both and the seller may not know this:

  3. Try filtering by the dress features (neckline, silhouette, etc) instead of the style name or number - some sellers don’t include it at all.


We allow sellers to choose up to 3 necklines so that dresses like this can be found in multiple ways. In addition to more complicated necklines, sometimes sellers simply get it wrong.

3 Options! Sweetheart, Sheer/illusion/lace, High neck

Filter, Filter, Filter

Add ALL the filters you want, then work your way backwards if you can't find THE dress.

If you can't find what you are looking for when you select multiple things (ex: Under $1500, tag size 8, mermaid silhouette, features bows, sweetheart neckline, strapless, Shades of Ivory etc…) go back to the basics.

  1. Start narrowing down by your MUST haves. Neckline + silhouette, with no designer selected.
  2. Need a fitted silhouette? Select mermaid, trumpet and fit and flare. 
  3. Looking for a looser fit? Start with a-line, sheath, and ball gown.
  4. Then, work your way through other features. Try your search with the silhouette + a few neckline types or sleeve types.
  5. Leave size for last - ideally only if you have too many options to sort through.

POWD to the Rescue

Still can’t find the dress you’re looking for? The POWD support team is really good at this (it’s a weird superpower to have but we're ok with it) - send us a picture or link to what you’re trying to find and we’ll dig up some options for you. We can even search expired listings in our system and contact sellers to see if they are still wanting to sell their dress.

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