How do I get paid?

Your buyer has 72 hours from when she receives her package to confirm it arrived in the expected condition. 

This means that when the 72-hour window closes, or your buyer confirms with us that all is well, we’ll connect with you to organize your sale payment, which is 80% of the listing price, via PayPal, ACH, or check (USA only). If you are a bridal salon, your commission will be 85%.

We send our seller payouts twice per week - on Tuesdays and Fridays🙌🏻.

Our payment option for International Sellers (anyone outside of the USA) is PayPal only - if you have a personal PayPal account, there is no fee. If you have a business PayPal account, you will be charged a fee by PayPal (we recommend creating a personal one and will let you know if this is the case with your account).

NOTE - PayPal charges their fee regardless of account type for certain countries (ex: Mexico). PayPal may also hold your funds for up to 21 days for certain countries as well. POWD is unable to prevent this.

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