What payment methods are recommended?

We would all like to think that everyone is trustworthy when you’re talking about love and weddings, but that’s not always the case. The internet can be a place where people aren’t always looking out for your best interests and we want you to transact with peace of mind.

For this reason, POWD handles all payments for all sales - this means that buyers are able to click "Buy this item" to add it to their cart and then checkout through our secure integrated payment processing. 

Purchasing through POWD is safe, secure, and offers protection for both the buyer and the seller. No sales should ever occur outside of the POWD marketplace - if they do, both the buyer and seller void all Purchase Protection offered by POWD.

Remember: never accept payment outside of POWD, such as with a personal or cashier's check, wire transfer, cashapps, or gift cards.

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