What do I do once I have a buyer?

Seller's Next Steps

Here's our advice on the next steps to make everything go smoothly.

  1. Go Over All Details
    If you have been chatting with the buyer, make sure you go through all of the details of your gown with them (make sure the tag size you listed is what the dress actually is, confirm that she understands the alterations done on it, etc). If your gown is in a preservation box, please take it out and review it to make sure the cleaning service did indeed remove all possible stains (sometimes they get missed!).
  2. SOLD! Confirm Availability
    You'll get an email from us the moment your item sells - it will ask you to click a button to confirm your item is still available.
  3. Confirm Box Measurements
    You'll get an email from us asking you to enter your box measurements. Use a box that is just the right size for your dress to prevent it from being damaged in transit - you don't want a box that is too big and has extra room for your dress to slide around. A box that is between 30 x 20 x 9,18 x 16 x 9 or 24 x 18 x 5 typically works well. Purchase one at a local post office or UPS location, or ask your local bridal salon if they have something on hand that you can use.
  4. Picture Time!
    Take pictures and videos of the entire gown (top to bottom, front and back) before you ship it and take a video of it as you pack the gown. This will be a good record of you sending the gown in the agreed-upon condition.
  5. Pack It Right
    After you submit your box measurements, we'll send you a prepaid shipping label. For more information on how to best ship your dress, please go here: Seller Guide: How To Pack & Ship Your Wedding Dress
  6. Ship it!
    Drop off your package at the nearest UPS location. Grab the printed receipt that they provide you as proof that you dropped off the package.

We'll provide the tracking link to your buyer and monitor the shipment. After it arrives she will have 72 hours to confirm it was received as expected. If all is well, we'll reach out to you for your preferred payment method (PayPal, ACH, or check) and send you 80% of the sold price.

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