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Selling On The Marketplace

We are an online-only listing service. Since 2004, we have been connecting buyers and sellers of new, sample, and pre-owned wedding items.

Selling with us is safe and simple!

Take advantage of a free PreOwned account, giving you access to secure messaging, a dedicated support team, and integrated invoicing with Payment Protection for both our buyers and sellers.  

You will communicate directly with each interested buyer and will have the ability to send a PayPal invoice directly to them inside our messaging system when they are ready to purchase.  This is so that the buyer saves, and you recoup as much of your investment as possible.

What can I sell?

We accept wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, mother of the bride/groom dresses, and wedding accessories. 

They can be:

  • New (un-altered)
  • New (altered)
  • Used
  • Store floor samples
  • Vintage
  • Custom

How Does Selling Work?

  1. List Your Dress
    We charge a one-time $25 listing fee upfront to post your new or used wedding dress until it sells ($5 per accessory or bridal party dress). There are no renewal fees and no commission on the sale. You’ll keep the dress or item with you until sold, the buyer will pay you directly, and you’ll ship directly to her. Your listing never expires.
  2. Talk With Interested Buyers
    Interested brides will message you through your PreOwned account (we filter initial inquiries to help weed out spam), you will get an email notification to log in to your PreOwned account to see the buyer's message.

    Then, from directly inside our built-in messaging system you will be able to chat with and send pictures to your inquiring buyers. Discuss the condition, size, color, and anything else that they should know about your beautiful item before they buy it. The less surprises for the buyer means you will
  3. Invoice Your Buyer
    Negotiate directly with your buyer on the selling price, shipping cost, and terms of sale (final? returnable?). PayPal is integrated with our messaging system, allowing you to send an invoice directly to them (with shipping!).

    We strongly recommend using our recommended payment methods for a safe and happy transaction. Note: there is a sellers fee that PayPal takes when payment is made. Read more about that here and here.
  4. Ship It
    You will need to buy a box, get a shipping quote, and properly package your dress for safe transit. Check out some Shipping Cost Calculators and learn how to How To Pack & Ship Your Wedding Dress.
  5. Splurge!
    Use the proceeds from your dress and enjoy a second honeymoon, an item for your new home, or a piece of jewelry, perhaps. Whatever you decide!

Tips & Tricks On Selling With PreOwned

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