How are sellers protected?

POWD's purpose is to provide a safe place to buy or sell. Here's how we do it.

💳Secure Payment Processing

POWD handles all payments for all sales - this means that buyers can click "Buy this item" to add it to their cart and then checkout through our secure integrated payment processing. You'll be notified when your item sells with an email walking you through your next steps.

POWD holds onto the payment until your buyer receives their item in the expected condition. Then, we send you an email walking you through our payment options.

Learn more about getting paid here: How do I get paid?

💬Integrated Chat

We have integrated our chat inbox so that you can send pictures, videos, messages, or even arrange a video call all without exchanging personal information. Our team monitors this chat to ensure both buyer and seller safety🙌.

Insurance Included

Insurance is included for any items shipping from or within the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. Coverage for other countries will be coming soon.

If something were to happen to the shipment, such as the item(s) being damaged or lost and UPS could not find it after an investigation was conducted, we refund the buyer and pay the seller as if the dress was kept by the buyer.

💜POWD Support Every Step of the Way

From the moment you list to the moment your item sells, our team is here to help. In addition to our help center documents, you can email our support team with any questions you may have.

When your item sells, you will receive emails from POWD detailing your next steps.

One of the most important steps is following our guide on how to Protect Yourself with Pictures and videos so that you won't have to worry if your item is damaged by the buyer and they try to return it.

Learn more about what to expect here: Your Item Sold! | Next Steps

We believe knowledge is power and can prevent you from getting burned by a fraudulent buyer.

🚩Watch for Red Flags🚩

🚩 Wants to communicate off the site (may claim to have "issues" sending messages or pictures).

🚩 Tries to pay via check, cashier's check, wire transfer or money order.

🚩 Interested in an immediate purchase, very rushed.

🚩 Does not ask specific questions about your item.

🚩 Wants to use a shipper/third party for sending your item.

🚩 Asks questions that are clearly indicated in your listing.

🚩 Uses poor grammar and/or spelling.

🚩 Has a "story" meant to elicit sympathy to try and have you accept different forms of payment or shipping.

🚩 Buyers located overseas claiming to use a shipping agent or mover.

🚩 Offers to pay for more than your item is worth.

💌Always Communicate on POWD

Integrated messaging means you can send pictures and videos, and even arrange for a video call. All without ever needing to share your phone number or email.

When someone asks to communicate offline/outside of our marketplace, they are looking to get you away from the protections we have in place.

🚫Never share personal information

There is never any reason to share your email, full name, SSN, phone number, or mailing address to sell your item.

You will receive a prepaid and insured shipping label as well as payment for your item directly from POWD- anything else introduces the risk of being scammed by a fraudulent person. No personal information is needed.

You'll be able to send/receive pictures and videos, as well as have a video call if needed directly within your POWD account inbox

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