Your Item Sold! | Next Steps

Wondering what happens when your item sells? We've got that covered below, but we'll also email everything you need to know.

Here are some important things to note:

  1. Your item may sell without the buyer ever contacting you - this is normal, especially if you have a detailed listing with great pictures. In this case, we recommend reviewing your listing to ensure you stated the correct details like color, alterations, tag size, and if it has any damage/blemishes. Make sure to follow our guide on Protecting Yourself with Pictures & Videos, and if you discover any issues with your item that you didn't disclose in the listing let us know ASAP so we can connect with your buyer.
  2. POWD processes buyer payments via our secure payment processing system and holds the payment until successful delivery to the buyer. Learn about how sellers get paid here.
  3. Sellers never pay for shipping and insurance - your buyer will be charged a flat rate upon checkout.
  4. You now have a total of 9 days to complete POWD's 3 steps. Each step has a 72-hour window tied to it - our system monitors this and will cancel the sale if the steps are not completed in time (more on this below)

You do not need to invoice your buyer, nor do you ever need to give any personal details to the buyer to sell your item - we handle it all to make things safe, simple, and secure for everyone😊.

Step 1 | Confirm Availability

You have 72 hours to confirm availability. You'll receive an email the moment your item sells, asking you to confirm it is still available. If that window passes, the sale will be cancelled.

Inspect your item, and make sure it matches your listing description. If you discover an issue (like a stain you had not noticed), email our team ASAP and we'll work with you and your buyer on the next steps.

Step 2 | Get a Box & Upload the Measurements

After clicking "Yes available", you will have another 72 hours to upload your box dimensions. If that window passes, the sale will be cancelled. Click the link in your email from us and upload your box dimensions there. Don't worry - we'll send you directions on the box to use, how to capture the condition of your item with pictures/videos, and how to pack up a dress securely.

Step 3 | Ship It

After uploading your box dimensions to the link we sent you, you will have another 72 hours to drop your packaged item at the UPS location nearest to you. If that window passes, the sale will be cancelled.

Step 4 | Buyer Review Period

Your buyer has 72 hours from when she receives her package to confirm it arrived in the expected condition. This means that when the 72-hour window closes, or your buyer confirms with us that all is well, we’ll connect with you to organize your sale payment.

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